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Norfolk Medical Group

About Norfolk Medical Group

About Norfolk Medical Group

At Norfolk Medical Group, we treat everyone from infants to seniors, and you may often refer to one of our staff here as your primary care physician. A family often grows with a family doctor over each individual’s lifespan.

A strong patient-physician relationship grows with a strong focus on integrated care. Our team is educated in several disciplines of medicine. We deliver acute, chronic, and preventive medical care services. We also diagnose and treat illness, along with routine checkups, immunizations, and various screenings.

Since our physicians have extensive training, patients receive personal, front-line and comprehensive medical care. If you’re ever not feeling well or are just ready to start with regular checkups, our primary physicians are the best place to start. If you continue to see your primary care physician over time, we keep track of your medical history. Part of many diagnoses rely on medical and family history.

While a family physician may refer you to a specialist for certain ailments, they remain with you every step of the way as a main point of contact. It all comes back to your primary doctor.